Decided to hunt me some ramen and decided to try this place out in Ponsonby. It is in the more quiet area of Ponsoby, and you may walk past it without even knowing, which I did and only noticed once I looked at Google Maps again. It has a nice little sitting area at the front but it also has a courtyard and another dining area behind the kitchen.

I stuck to the basics and went for the Tonkotsu Ramen and some Karaage Chicken. My typical ramen order. The food came out surprisingly fast, and I was surprised to see how big the karaage chicken pieces were. However, I decided to start with the ramen, which was good. I loved the flavour in the soup, and so rich in flavour. The ramen noodles were so good, and I was happy to slurp away. There was a nice amount of wood ear fungus, bamboo shoots, bok choy, spring onions, egg and a piece of pork charshu. The wood ear was really nice; not sure what they did, but maybe it was because of the soup, but it was good. The charshu was also nice, and the egg was done perfectly. A great bowl of ramen.

The karaage chicken was also really good, and I loved how big the chicken pieces were. I found it difficult to eat it with chopsticks and wondered how other people ate them. It also came with kewpie and a slice of lemon. Overall, nicely seasoned and tasted really good.

Overall a good place for ramen; hopefully, I will return someday. It is just so hard to get good ramen in Wellington. It is such a shame.

Address: 272 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland 1011

Website: Ramen Takara