Manage to get my hands on a different roast of beans while I visited Supreme Coffee in Midland Park o the second week of my break. I really enjoyed La Player, however, it is now all gone and they do not know when they will be able to source the bean again. Had a chat with the awesome staff at Supreme and they thought that I should give Don Carlos a try.

Bolivia: Don Carlos


This roast, unfortunately, did not live up to La Player, it doesn’t have the roundness that La Player has. This coffee is lighter and fresher and I can see how they get the apple notes from the coffee. It is a smooth coffee and not as sharp as others and at the end, I can taste the milk chocolate notes coming through.


This is a good roast if you are new to brewing your own coffee through a v60 / Chemex or you want a more rounded coffee. There are no pointy ends in this roast and everything is well rounded. A nice relaxed roast and I would like to see what it is like in a cold brew.

Website: Supreme Coffee

Address: 31 Waring Taylor St, Wellington