I was in Newtown and needed some to eat so I decided to go visit the Ramen Shop. I had not been for some time, it was pretty cold outside and wanted something warm in my tummy. It was pretty early in the day so not many people were there, but as I was eating my lunch the place started to become pretty full.

Steamed Bun


Steamed buns are one of the popular food products in Wellington at the moment. When they arrived at my table, I was actually surprised to see how small they were. The buns were rather thin and small in size. However, because the bun is so thin the filling looks great, but I manage to eat this thing to three bites.

Pork Belly and BBq Sauce

The bun was very spongy, but the filling was the star. The piece of pork was nice and thick, also inside was pickled cucumber and which I actually think was hoisin sauce not necessarily bbq sauce. The bun as a whole was really nice, it had a really good spice kick and I could have eaten more of these.

Chicken Karaage and Spicy Mayo

I really liked the crunch from the chicken, when you bite into it. It was nicely seasoned and the Mayo had a really good spice kick to it. Another great steam bun that I just wanted more.

Kumara Chicken Ramen


Kumara Chicken Broth and Handmade Noodles with chicken thigh pieces, egg, spring onions, radish and cream

This was a dish written on the blackboard and I did not see it until I went up to order. The broth was really good and surprising quite sweet and floury, which I suppose was from the kumara. I was so happy I ordered this. The chicken was nicely seasoned and the noodles were really good. The addition of the radish and spring onion was great and the boiled egg was just colourful and delicious when you broke the yolk. I did add chilli sauce into my dish, but this was a fantastic bowl of ramen.

The Ramen shop is one popular place and I can see why. What I did notice was that most people were ordering extra noodle into the bowls and that they now offer rice bowls on their menu. The food comes out at the relatively fast manner and the service is very good, but you do need to go up and order your food. Overall just a great place to eat.

Previous Visits: August 2016, March 2016, July 2015

Website; Ramen Shop

Address; 191 Riddiford St, Newtown, Wellington