Decided to go for a walk around Lyall Bay and as a bonus I had also found out that Spruce Goose had gotten onto the donut game. I was walking around the surf reef and decided to pop in there and get some donuts. I have never really liked the offering Spruce Goose have in their cabinet, but I thought I would give them a try.

Cream Donut


Surprisingly not as sweet as I thought it would be and not necessarily sweet enough for my preference either. The cream was fresh the jam was good but also did lack the sweetness I was wanting. The donut had a good amount of cinnamon. However, it did not taste fresh. It tasted as it had been made a day before but the filling was added in later or that it was sitting in it’s oil without the dough being shaken off just after it was cooked.

Perky Nana Donut


This was an interesting doughnut. Chocolate on top with a banana cream inside. I did like the cream and I also liked the chocolate and worked really well as a combination. However, again the doughnut itself was not fantastic and tasted stale or too oily.

Overall I was really disappointed with these doughnuts. However, not surprised as I have never thought the food at Spruce Goose was that good and it was always an alternative to Maranui. However, it is always busy on a weekend for brunch and I never really know why.  If you are looking for good doughnuts I would still say Sixes and Sevens is the place to go.

Previous Visits; August 2015

Website; Spruce Goose

Address; 30 Cochrane street, Rongotai, Wellington