I went to this place early Monday evening because I was in the Newtown area. I had a heard a few things about this place and was surprised to see how inexpensive the burger was compared to others. So I thought I would give it a try.

Umami Burger


Eastbourne Village Meats pork and beef patty with Hillside bacon, foraged seaweed and pickled shiitake mushrooms in a soft bun

Presentation wise; it is pretty cool small burger with a steamed bun with some foraged seaweed. Looked pretty different and quirky. The steam bun has been the bun I liked the most so far. It was moist and fluffy. The mushrooms was a very nice addition giving the burger a more earthy flavour and the pickled cucumber listing the burger a bit. The pork and beef patty was really nice and nicely cooked, but was quite salty for me, which affected the taste of the whole burger. Towards the end I added some chilli and I wish I added it at the start.

Overall a very goo burger and very different, but over seasoning did ruin my burger, if it just had less salt or soy sauce I would of been a very happy camper especially with the price. In fact, I would of eaten two.

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