I would say that Press Hall has been a success. The eateries there are popular and if you work in that area there are a few different options to where you can eat. I do see it as a bit of a weird design with the Food stalls outside of the actual dining area. As when you want to sit down to eat, you are not quite sure where you can sit inside as it looks like every eatery is responsible for their own seats and there is only a limited number of seats outside to where you can sit. However, I decided to try Acropolis’ second Wellington shop.

Befeteki Pita Souvlaki


I also decided to go for this because I could swap out the lettuce for chips, which surprised me that I did not need to pay extra for. When I got this, I was not overly surprised in what I got, but it was warm, so obviously the pita bread was heated up. Overall this was really good. I loved the softness and freshness of the pita bread and the amount of yogurt in the souvlaki. The befteki was really nice and is a mix of beef and lamb and other stuff and was nice and soft and tender. The chips were great and I loved the onions and tomato. The last few bites were the best because you also have the juices all at the bottom.

Befeteki: Souvlaki Dinner


3 souvlaki, Greek Salad, Pita and Chips

I came back a second time and order this. I was surprised to see actually how much there was to eat and I differently overordered this time. Even though I was really hungry it was still too much to eat for me. The salad was really nice and I loved the feta and olives added on top. There was a generous amount of greek yogurt which went really well with the fries. The pita bread was nice. However, it was over seasoned and I did find it salty, which surprised me as I do not know why you would put salt on it unless they seasoned the fries in the container. The befeteki was really nice. It was nicely cooked and I loved the seasoning in there. I loved how some of the juices dripped onto the fries and it went really well with the yogurt.

Overall, Acropolis is really good. However, I can say that it can be quite heavy if you decide to order fries and pit bread at the same time. The food is fresh and apparently they make their own pita bread. A good addition to Press Hall.

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Address: 78 Willis St, Wellington, 6011

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