Time to try the next burger for WOAP 2016. I seem to come to this place every year to try Charley Noble’s Burger. They consistently rated as one of the top burgers each year and always seem to bring something interesting to the plate. To be honest, I did not really do a lot of research towards this burger, I just knew that I had to try what they were offering. So Pepper Potts and I decided to go on Saturday night at 5.30pm.  Why 5.30, because Charley Noble’s gets really busy. It was full at 5.45 and food was being pumped out. Apparently on the first Friday they did 150 burgers at lunchtime. Insane! Also they are only allowing people to sit for 90 minutes at a table because they are so busy.

Charley’s Trap


Wagyu beef patty with trashcan gypsy-smoked Preston’s bacon, chimichurri, On Trays gruyère, truffled mayonnaise, cucumber pickle and salad

The first thing you notice about this is the plating of the burger. This is cool. A burger that is siting on a gigantic mouse trap. The burger looks really fresh and does no look like you are eating a greasy dish. The Wagyu beef is house prepared and the bun is made at Whitebait, everything else is locally sourced. I took my first bite and you could tell how fresh everything was. The wagyu patty was outstanding and the inside the patty was pink. The bacon and chimichurri gave the burger a slight hit with the spice, the truffled mayonnaise was a great sauce to put in the burger and the gruyere was fantastic. Finally the cucumber pickle and the salad bought the burger all together and gave it a freshness and cleanliness to the whole thing.

Every year Charle’s really think about the plating of their burger and how they are going to make it look different. They always seem to have a great idea with a great burger and how to present it. Overall I really liked this burger, it was fresh and the ingredients were really nice. Pepper Potts liked the burger but said that it lacked the wow factor. I was wondering how do you actually get the wow factor in the burger. The burger for what it is, is very nice and the ingredients are very fresh and work well together. It is a bloody good burger. Does the wow factor come into play when it comes to using weird ingredients or the combination of ingredients you usually do not find combined with each other. Overall the Charley Trap is a good burger!

Ranking of Burgers so far;

  1. TKFC; Ti Kouka & Charley Trap; Charley Noble
  2. Mark 2.0 Nanny’s Food Truck
  3. Turducken Down; Five Boroughs

Website; Charley Noble