It was Pepper Potts and my idea to try two places on Saturday night before we went to see a late movie, hence why we started at Charley Noble at 5.30pm. We arrived at Hippopotamus  just after 7 and told there was no seats in the restaurant but if we wanted we could sit in the bar area and have their burger entry for WOAP 2016 there. I was already thinking this was going to happen before we even arrived. We found a seat in the bar area and were talking about ordering one burger to share or have one each. I had an inkling to have one but also had an inkling Pepper Potts felt slightly guilty if we ordered one between two so we ended up ordering two.

Sweet As Burger


A look alike to the perfect beef burger but for the sweet tooth. Whittaker’s Dark Ghana parfait with Whittaker’s white chocolate and raspberry jelly, mint and kiwifruit gel and Kāpiti vanilla crème fraîche, with sweet polenta fries

I was impressed when this dessert burger arrived, it looked very similar to a burger, even the meat patty showing an uneven texture with with it covered in nuts and other things. The bun was made of a very big chocolate flavoured macaroon, the beetroot was made of raspberry jelly, the cheese from Whittaker’s white chocolate and had the texture of cheese, Kiwifruit replaced the lettuce and the patty was made of the Whittaker’s Dark Ghana parfait. This burger had the wow factor and was very nice. It was not overly too sweet and not overly rich but was a slight struggle to eat it towards the end. The fries were made of sweet polenta, which was outstanding and there was tomato sauce made out of raspberry coulis.

Overall I really liked this play of a burger. I loved the combination of flavours and thought the parfait was beautiful. The raspberry coulis was a slight life saver as it toned down the sweetness and richness of the burger and the chips were very different but very nice. I also had some Earl Grey tea after the burger, which was a great ending to a nice dessert.

Ranking of Burgers so far;

  1. TKFC; Ti Kouka, & Charley Trap; Charley Noble
  2. Sweet As Burger; Hippopotamus
  3. Mark 2.0 Nanny’s Food Truck
  4. Turducken Down; Five Boroughs

Previous Visit; May 2016

Website; Hippopotamus Restaurant