Pepper Potts’ sister is back in Wellington for a few days for a course and Pepper Potts asked me if I wanted to go to Southern Cross and try their entry to WOAP Burger Competition with her sister and mum. I really could not decline having the option to try another burger.  Beforehand going I knew Pepper Potts was interested in trying this burger as she loves Mac’n’cheese and it had her name written all over it.

I have not eaten a meal at Southern Cross before, but I have been their numerous times for drinks after work, catch up with mates, private parties and to watch a few live bands . It is a great place to visit but for some strange reason I have never eaten here. So we went her for Brunch to try the WOAP Burger.

Mac Daddy


Mac ‘n’ Cheese burger with Kāpiti cheese, free range bacon and caramelised onions, with chips

First impressions, I was very surprised to see how big the mac’n’cheese patty was. It was bigger than half the bun. It looked like a nice burger. However, I thought it may be a struggle to eat it. Eating it with your hands was tricky as if you put too much pressure on the burger the back of the patty would split and fall out. The mac’n’cheese patty was very nice and had a good flavour to it and they were also very generous with the bacon and was a good addition to burger. The caramelised onions was a winning addition, but I wanted more to be added to my burger to give it a bit more of a punch.

Flat White


As I have never eaten here, I have never had a coffee here, but I was pleasantly surprised how good the coffee was, it had a depth and a nice balance of coffee to milk. I did wonder what roast they use and discovered it was my go to roast Havana.

I was very surprised by Southern Cross. People had told me it was a good place to eat but I had never gone there. The brunch menu looked very good and I think I will go back and try it sometime soon. The burger was a good idea and tasted nice. It does have the wow factor as it is different. However, the burger is a carbohydrate overload. The bread, the big patty and the chips it was a struggle to eat. I did it, but was a difficult.

Ranking of Burgers so far;

  1. TKFC; Ti Kouka, & Charley Trap; Charley Noble
  2. Sweet As Burger; Hippopotamus
  3. Mark 2.0 Nanny’s Food Truck
  4. Turducken Down; Five Boroughs & Mac Daddy; Southern Cross

Website; Southern Cross